Family Register

03/16/2016 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Th family register (koseki) is an important document, recording births, deaths and marriages that occur in Japan.

Please inform your local city hall of any births, deaths, marriages or divorces that occur in Japan.

Registration of birth (shussan todoke)

In the case of the birth of a child in Japan,

he child’s mother or father must hand in a registration of birth notice (shussan todoke), to the city hall within 14 days of the birth of the child.

Please obtain two certificates of acceptance of registration of birth (shussan todoke jyuri shoumeisho), from the city hall.

When applying for a passport, please apply to your country’s embassy or consulate.

When applying for a visa, please apply to the Immigration Bureau.

Things you must bring to the city hall, when registering a birth (please phone your local city hall beforehand, to check what you must bring)

Necessary documents

  • registration of birth notice shussan todoke (you will receive this from the hospital, when your child is born)
  • the inkan seal of the person registering the birth (for those without a personal seal, your signature will be adequate)
  • maternal and child health handbook (boshi kenkou techou)
  • health insurance card
  • marriage certificate konin shoumeisho (translated into Japanese)

Notice of death (shibou todoke)

On the occasion of the death of a foreigner in Japan, one must hand in a notice of death, (shibou todoke), to the city hall.

You will receive a notice of death document, from the hospital. Please hand in the notice of death to the city hall within 7 days of the death of the deceased person.

You must also hand in a notice of death to the embassy or consulate of the deceased person’s country.

Things you must bring to the city hall, when registering a death (please phone your local city hall beforehand, to check what you must bring)

Necessary documents

  • notice of death shibou todoke
  • the inkan seal of the person registering the death

Notice of naturalisation (kika todoke)

Naturalisation (kika) is when you officially change your nationality to Japanese.

When a foreigner opts to change their nationality to Japanese, they must apply through the Legal Affairs Bureau (houmu-kyoku).

A foreigner does not automatically obtain Japanese nationality when they get married to or are adopted by a Japanese citizen.

One must apply for naturalisation to Japanese nationality.

When you receive a notice from the Legal Affairs Bureau, stating that you are permitted to change your nationality,

you can hand in a notice of naturalisation (kika todoke) to the City Hall.

Notices regarding nationality (notice of denationalisation/kokuseki soushitsu todoke, notice of selection of nationality/kokuseki sentaku todoke, renouncement of nationality/kokuseki ridatsu todoke)

n Japan, one cannot possess dual nationality. Persons holding a foreign nationality and Japanese nationality, must select one nationality before turning 22 years of age.

*warning : Please note, failure to choose one nationality, may result in the loss of Japanese nationality.

Selecting Japanese nationality

1. Hand in a notice of foreign denationalisation (gaikokuseki soushitsu todoke)

Firstly, please enquire about the procedure of giving up one’s foreign nationality to the foreign government, embassy or consulate.

2. Hand in a notice of selection of nationality (kokuseki sentaku todoke)

Next, please enquire as to the procedure of selecting Japanese nationality to the city hall, embassy or consulate.

Selecting a foreign nationality

1. Hand in a notice of renouncement of nationality (kokuseki ridatsu todoke)

Firstly, in order to give up Japanese nationality, please hand in the following documents to the Legal Affairs Bureau, embassy or consulate:

  • a copy of your family register (koseki touhon)
  • a copy of your resident card (jumin-hyou)
  • a document proving that you have a foreign family register
  • a notice of renouncement of nationality (kokuseki ridatsu todoke)


つぎに、 外国の国籍を 選ぶために、下の書類を 市役所か大使館・領事館に 出します。

  • 外国の国籍を 持っていることが わかる 書類
  • 国籍喪失届

Registering an official seal (inkan)

What is an official seal/inkan?

Informal seal (mitome-in)

A small seal, used instead of your signature,

when receiving package mail at your home, etc.

Registered seal (jitsu-in)

The seal you use when taking out a big loan, or making an expensive purchase such as a car or house.

You must register your jitsu-in seal at your local city hall.

The registered seal is extremely important, so please keep it in a safe, secure place.

Registering a seal (inkan touroku)

This is in order to be able to trace the seal to its owner.

Please note there are some types of seals that cannot be registered.

You can register your seal at the city hall. 登録すると 手帳やカードが もらえます。なくさないでください。

Please ask your city hall for the necessary things to bring for registering your seal.

A registered seal is necessary in the instance of loaning and borrowing cash.

You will use it in place of a signature. DO NOT loose your registered seal.

Seal registration certificate (inkan shoumeisho)

This is a document to verify your jitsu-in registered seal.

This document is necessary when buying land, a home or a car.

The seal registration certificate is necessary whenever using your registered seal.

You can obtain the seal registration certificate at the city hall.