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Procedures for when one becomes pregnant

Persons who have become pregnant, please go to an obstetricians and obtain a notification of pregnancy document (妊娠届出書).

Next please take strong the notification document to the welfare centre (保健センター) .

You will receive a Maternal and Child Health Handbook (母子健康手帳).

The Maternal and Child Health Handbook

The Maternal and Child Health Handbook is a booklet to record the health of the pregnant mother and baby, and childbirth.

When taking maternity checkups at the hospital, make sure to have both your health insurance card and the maternal and child health handbook with you.

Maternal and child health handbooks are also available in the following languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Tagalog, Portuguese, Spanish and Indonesian

Taking health checkups at the obstetricians

Please go to an obstetrician clinic, to check on the health and development of your unborn child, during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not regarded as an illness, so you will be unable to use or claim health insurance.

It will cost more to visit the hospital for a maternity checkup, than for an illness (a maternity checkup will cost around 6,000~7,000yen).

If you use the application card for maternal checkups (妊婦検診受診表) in the maternal and child health handbook, the cost will be slightly reduced.

Cost for childbirth

Costs for giving birth

In most cases, you cannot use your health insurance to cover the costs for giving birth.

In Japan, staying in hospital for one week for childbirth, costs around 300,000yen.

Lump-sum birth allowance Shussan ikuji ichijikin: money you receive after giving birth

People who are receiving health insurance or national health insurance, are able to receive a lump-sum birth allowance (420,000yen) (出産育児一時金(42万円)) when they have given birth.

People who are members of health insurance, please enquire to your company.

People who are members of national health insurance, please enquire at the city hall.

Maternity allowance Shussan teatekin

If you are working, but on maternity leave from your company and therefore not receiving salary, you will be eligible for maternity allowance.

Maternity allowance covers the period of 42 days before the birth of your child, to 56 days after the birth of your child.

High medical care cost・deduction for medical care

Persons who are covered by insurance, will be able to receive a partial compensation for any expenses incurred by surgery and so on, at the hospital.

If the amount of money you have paid to the hospital over one year, is more than 100,000yen, please make the application for “deduction for medical care” at the tax office.You will be able to receive a partial refund.

Procedures to follow, when your child has been born

Registration of birth (shusho todoke)

Please hand in a registration of birth (出生届) informing of the birth of your child, to the city hall.

This should be done within 14 days of the birth of your child.

You will need to decide the name of your child, and prepare the necessary documents, within that time.

自分の 国の 大使館・領事館にも 子どもが うまれた ことの とどけでを してください。

Necessary documents

  • Registration of birth shusho todoke (available at the hospital,or city hall)
  • Birth certificate shusho shoumeisho (please obtain from the hospital)
  • Maternal and Child Health Handbook
  • National Health Insurance Card
  • your hanko seal (if you do not have one, you can use your signature)

Newborn house visit contact

After the birth of your child, please fill in and send the “contact” postcard (連絡票) in your Maternal and Child Health Handbook.

This will enable a public health nurse or maternity nurse to visit your home, give advice and check on the condition of your child.

Child nationality

In the case of the mother or father being a Japanese citizen

for married couples

In the case of the child’s mother or father being a Japanese citizen, the child is eligible for Japanese nationality.

外国と 日本の 国籍が ある 子どもは、 22歳に なるまでに、 どちらの 国籍を とるか きめてください。

In the case of choosing Japanese nationality, the child will loose their foreign nationality.

In the case of choosing a foreign nationality, the child will loose their Japanese nationality. Please enquire for further details at the embassy or consulate.

for unmarried couples

  • In the case of the child’s mother or father being a Japanese citizen,
    The child is eligible for Japanese nationality.
    Whether the child is able to take their father’s nationality, depends on the country.
  • In the case of the father being a Japanese citizen, and the mother being of foreign nationality:
    The child takes their mother’s nationality.
    An application must be made, in order to take their father’s Japanese nationality.
    A document in which the Japanese father clearly states that he is the father of the child, is necessary. Please hand in this document to the relevant officials, before the child turns 19 years of age.

In the case of both parents being foreigners

The child born in Japan is not eligible for Japanese nationality by birth.

Child raising costs

Childcare allowance (ikuji teate)

Childcare allowance is an amount of money, to help with child rearing and daily life expenses.

You are eligible for childcare allowance, until your child graduates from junior high school.

One can also,receive childcare allowance, if one’s child is studying overseas, for the duration of,their study.

How much childcare allowance can one receive?

0~2 years of age 15,000yen

3 years of age~graduation from elementary school 10,000yen (this increases to 15,000yen, from the birth of a third child).

Junior high school age 10,000yen

いつ もらう?

You will receive childcare allowance in June, October and February of each year.

How to apply for childcare allowance

Please hand in a child allowance authorisation form (認定請求書) to the childcare allowance section.

Please ask what other documents are necessary at that time.

In the case of the birth of a second child, or moving, please hand in the child allowance authorisation form again.

Please note that if you are late with your application, you will not receive childcare allowance during that time.

Childcare maintenance allowance (jidou fuyou teate)

Childcare maintenance allowance is for families where either the mother or father is absent.

Families where the father or mother have a serious disability, or families that are under authorised protection due to domestic violence, are also eligible for childcare maintenance allowance.

Please apply for childcare maintenance allowance at the city hall.

The amount of money you are eligible to receive, depends on the number of children and the amount of salary you receive.

You are eligible to receive childcare maintenance allowance up until the March 31st, following your child's 18th birthday.

In the case of a child with a disability, you are eligible to receive childcare maintenance allowance, until the child is 20 years of age.

Medical subsidy for Infants and Children (nyuyoji iryohi josei)

Medical subsidy for Infants and Children, is an amount of money to help with expenses occurred when an infant has to visit hospital or stay in hospital.

The amount of Medical subsidy for Infants and Children that one is eligible for, and the age that children are eligible for this, depends on the city. Please enquire at the city hall.。


To prevent your child becoming ill

Children must take an infants health check (乳幼児健康診査) at the ages of 3~4months, 8~10months, 1 and a half years of age, and 3years of age.

The health check will check the child's health and development, and offer advice for childrearing.

Please also make sure that your child receives the necessary innoculations to prevent illness.

Please enquire as to where and when these are available at the Health Centre.

Nursery school・day care centres

In the case of illness in the family, or families where there is no one available to look after children during the day, due to the mother or father working, you can take your child to nursery school.At nursery school, there will be someone to take care of children.

The fee will depend on the age of the child attending, and the amount of salary of the parent(s).

Children eligible for nursery school are between the age of 0~before entering elementary school.

The maximum amount of time a child can stay at nursery school is 11hours a day.

There are nursery schools that are authorised and unauthorised by the city or prefecture.

Please enquire for further details at the city hall.

Authorised Child Institutions

Authorised Child Institutions, have been authorised by the prefecture, as places to take care of children.

There are various benefits to authorised child institutions,

that are also found at both kindergartens and nursery schools.

Children with working parents, are also eligible to enter authorised child institutions.

Fees will depend on the amount of the parent(s) salary.

Children eligible for authorised child institutions are between the age of 0~before entering elementary school.

Please enquire to the Shizuoka Prefectural health and welfare, child future office section, for further information.

the Shizuoka Prefectural health and welfare, child future office section, for further information.

TEL: 054-221-2928

Kindergarten (youchien)

Kindergarten is a school for infants, before entering elementary school.

Kindergarten is for children between the ages of three, until entering elementary school.

The times and fees for kindergarten, depend on the school.

Please enquire for further information, to the kindergarten.

Child abuse

Child abuse is when the child’s parent or guardian either physically or mentally abuses the child, and is not capable of looking after them properly.

Even if this is done with the child's interests in mind, it is still abuse.

こどもが いうことを きかない ときに きびしく そだてる ために しても 虐待です。

Parents who feel they are unable to look after their children well, or are worried about the welfare of their child, please seek advice.

Consultation services available for child rearing

Childcare consultation service:

a consultant is available to offer advice, in cases of child abuse, physical violence, and children not attending school.

  • Kamo  TEL 0558-24-2038
  • Tobu  TEL 055-920-2085
  • Fuji  TEL 0545-65-2141
  • Chuou  TEL 054-646-3570
  • Shizuoka city  TEL 054-221-1691
  • Seibu  TEL 053-458-7189
  • Hamamatsu city  TEL 053-457-2703

Prefectural Health and Welfare Centre

Home consultation is offered for families with underdeveloped infants, and infants with other physical or physiological difficulties. Public health nurses, nutritionists, mental health and welfare consultants are available to offer advice.

Public Health Centre

Consultations are offered for pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing.

Family Support Centre

Offers help in taking children to and from nursery school, and taking care of children in cases of urgency.There is a fee of 600yen per hour.
People wishing to utilise this service, must apply for membership.

Children・domestic issues 110

A helpline is available for those having trouble with child-rearing or parentchild trouble.
Times: Monday-Friday 9:00am-8:00pm, Saturdays and Sundays 9:00am-5:00pm (closed on national holidays and from December 29th-January 3rd)
Chubu area TEL:054-273-4152  Seibu area TEL:053-458-4252  Toubu area TEL:055-924-4152 Kamo area TEL:0558-23-4152

Hello phone line “Tomoshibi”

This is a telephone helpline, for advice concerning school life.
Times: Monday-Friday 9:00am~7:00pm, Saturdays and Sundays 9:00am~5:00pm (closed on national holidays and from December 29th-January 3rd)
Numazu TEL:055-931-8686  Shizuoka TEL:054-255-8686  Kakegawa TEL:0537-24-8686  Hamamatsu TEL:053-471-8686

Shizuoka Emergency Child Helpline

In the case of a child becoming ill, and needing doctor’s advice on whether to go to the hospital.
Time: 6:00am to 8:00am the following day
TEL 054-247-9910 /push extension #8000

Domestic Violence (DV)

DV(domestic violence), is when one is physically or psychologically abused by one's partner.

Help is available for women who are receiving domestic violence from their, spouse or partner, or have suffered from date rape or abuse.

Shelter is also available for women who have escaped from domestic violence, and need a place to stay. In cases where urgent assistance is required, please contact the police (TEL:110).

Consultation services for DV

DV consultation navigation


Shizuoka Prefecture Consultation Centre for Women (Domestic Violence Support Centre)


Health and Welfare Centre (Domestic Violence Consultation)

  • Kamo  TEL 0558-22-9217
  • Toubu  TEL 055-926-9217
  • Chubu  TEL 054-644-9217
  • Seibu  TEL 0538-33-9217

Women's Advice Consultation

Consultations are available for women with concerns about marital and relationship trouble, and problems concerning child-raising or family.

Women seeking help and advice, should contact the Shizuoka Prefectural Center for Gender Equality, Azalea

  • Kamo  TEL 0558-23-7879
  • Toubu  TEL 055-925-7879
  • Chubu  TEL 054-272-7879
  • Seibu  TEL 053-456-7879

There are many organisations and nongovernmental shelters throughout Japan.

First, please enquire at your nearest women's consultation centre or welfare office.

  • Women's Shelter Sara (offers shelter for women seeking refuge)
    TEL 045-901-3527
    Thai, Spanish and English language available
  • Women's Shelter HELP (offers shelter for women seeking refuge)
    TEL 03- 3368-8855
    English language available.
  • Kakekomi Women's Centre Aichi (offers shelter for women seeking refuge)
    TEL 050-3070-4498
  • Yorisoi hotline
    TEL 0120-279-338
    English, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese: Wednesday 4:00pm-10:00pm
    English, Thai, Chinese, Korean: Saturday 4:00pm-10:00pm