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In the case of an accident, injury, fire or crime, please calmly seek assistance.

Emergency Telephone Numbers (telephone numbers for when you require emergency assistance)

In the case of an emergency, please dial the appropriate number for assistance.

You can dial the following emergency service numbers from your mobile phone, public telephone or home telephone.

You can dial these emergency service numbers, 24hours a day, on any day. There is no telephone charge for the following emergency service numbers.

When calling the following emergency service numbers, please state what has happened, the address and your name, in a clear voice. *When giving the address,

When giving the address, please give the name or colour of any large buildings in the vicinity.

Type of Emergency

Who to Call

Telephone Number

Sudden illness or injury




Fire Brigade





When someone has committed a crime



Coastal accident

Japan Coast Guard


When dialling an emergency service number from a public telephone

Please follow the following steps, in order, when dialling. You can make the emergency call without using money.

  1. Pick up the telephone receiver.
  2. If the public telephone has a red emergency connection button(緊急通報ボタン), please press it to connect to the emergency services.
  3. Please dial the telephone number for the emergency service that you require.

119(fire・illness ・injury)

In the case of fire

In the case of a fire, please inform to other people nearby, in a loud voice.

If you are unable to extinguish the fire by yourself, please call the fire service.

Dial 119, and immediately state “There is a fire.”( “kaji desu” ).

Then give the address of the place of the fire. If there are any casualties, please also state this when making the emergency call.

In the case of illness or injury

Dial 119, and immediately state “This is an emergency.”( “kyuukyuu desu” ).Then please state the following

  1. The address.
  2. The number of injured or ill people.
  3. The age of the above people.
  4. Whether the injured or ill are male or female.
  5. What has happened to the injured or ill people.
  6. Your name and telephone number (the name and telephone number of the person making the emergency call).

It does not cost anything to call the ambulance service.

However in the case of small injuries, or less serious illness, please go to the hospital by car or taxi.

The ambulance service is only for use in case of emergencies.


In the case of a car, motorbike or bicycle traffic accident, or in the case of witnessing such an accident, please call and notify the police.

The number for police services is 110.

In the case of a theft or assault, please inform the nearest police box(KOBAN), or the police.

In urgent cases, please dial 110.


In the case of losing one's passport

Please go to the police station and state that you have lost your passport. You will receive a report of lost property form (ishitsu todoke shoumeisho).

Next, please apply for a new passport at your embassy or consulate.

You will need the report of lost property form at that time.

In the case of losing one's Residence Card

Your Residence Card is very important. If you loose your Residence Card, please notify the police straight away.

Please apply for a new Residence Card at the immigration bureau, within two weeks of the loss of your old Residence Card.

In the case of losing one's cash card or mobile phone

There will be many difficulties, if someone else uses your cash card or mobile phone, to make purchases or telephone calls.

Please inform your cash card company or mobile phone company of losing your cash card or mobile phone, right away.

The company will stop the use of your cash card or mobile phone.

Forgotten or lost items

If you have forgotten or lost an item, please enquire at the police box(KOBAN), or to the police.

If you have forgotten or left something on the bus or train, please enquire to the bus or train company.

If you have forgotten or left something on the bus or train, please enquire to the bus or train company.

Shizuoka Prefecture Police:http://www.pref.shizuoka.jp/police/otoshimono/