The multi-language guide on DV that even counselors and supporters can use is now available!

05/26/2016 (mm/dd/yyyy)

When foreign women become victims of domestic violence (DV), they encounter a lot of complex problems such as visa eligibility issues, divorce proceedings, lack of people to rely on within Japan, and language barrier as a woman and foreigner.

The various institutions and concerned groups within Shizuoka has come up with a multi-language information that even counselors and supporters can use.

For those struggling with DV

A4-sized 16 pages pamphlet.
Information on consultation centers and institutions within Shizuoka, legal, and private groups/NPOs involved in DV within the country.
Available in Japanese, simplified Japanese, Portuguese, Tagalog, English and Chinese.

Point-to Question Sheet -for use in counseling session.

Available in A3 size printed on both sides.
A sheet to confirm the intent and gather information on the counselee’s case during counseling session.

Application Procedure/Contacts

Shizuoka Association for International Relations Office
Telephone Number 054-202-3411  Fax Number 054-202-0932
2F, Mizunomori Building, 14-1Minami-cho, Suruga-ku , Shizuoka City 〒422-8067


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