11/10/2023 (mm/dd/yyyy)

A doctor will attend, in English, Spanish and Portuguese, to any inquiries related to children/youth, family, work, health, etc. Absolute confidentiality will be maintained.

Children and Adolescents: Problems at school, doubts about school procedures, differences between schools in Brazil and Japan, developmental disorders, doubts about puberty and adolescence, etc.
Family: Relationships issues, communication between parents and children, raising children, doubts about education, etc. 
Work: Work system in Japan, abuse (bullying), communication in the workplace, etc. 
Health: Concerns relatePregnancy / postpartum concerns, menopause, etc. 
Others: Insomnia, anxiety, loneliness, etc.

Consultation days: November 26, 2023 (Sunday) 
Consultation modality: Online (Zoom)  
Consultation hours: 13:00~16:00 (The consultation time is 50 minutes/person. A person may consult up to 3 times.)  
Consultant: Dr. Francia Campos(Haibara General Hospital - Community Support Center/ Family Medicine Center)
Languages in which the consultation will be performed: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese
Consultation is free of charge

You will be able to access the consultation only by registering in advance.Please register by phone (see information at the end)

Please pay attention: 
※ 2 days before the consultation, the Center will contact you to confirm the consultation. In case that it is not possible to contact you, the consultation will be cancelled.  
※ In accordance to the rules, in case that the person cancels the consultation on the same day, or does not report the non-attendance in advance, registration will NOT be accepted for the following consultations.

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