Special Feature 「Japanese Culture that Amazes the World」Vol.3. Pension

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Even after living in Japan for a long time, there are still things that foreigners have questions about.
Please feel free to ask us for information about life in Japan.

I worked for 20 years in Japan. I was asked by my company to retire when I turned 65. How am I going to live from now on?


I am of Japanese descent born in South America and has been working in Japan for 25 years.
A big thank you to all of you, who are working in a country with a different language and culture, in order to provide for your families.
You are probably worried about what you should do in case you lose your jobs.
This is a good time to think whether to continue living in Japan or return home.


Are you aware of the Japanese Pension System?
If you are enrolled in the National Pension Fund or the Employees’ Pension Fund, you should have the Japanese Pension booklet or should be receiving the Pension Coverage Regular Notice that comes in a green envelope.
This will contain records of payment contributions and coverage even if you have changed employers.
If you have paid for 25 years (300 months) between ages 20~60, you will receive pension from age 65 until your death.




If you have not paid for 25 years, but is a permanent resident, you can apply for the period without contribution (karakikan) at the nearest Pension Service Office.
(Karakikan refers to counting the total number of years between age 20 until your year of arrival in Japan within the 25 years).
Even when you return to your home country, you will continue to receive your pension.



At old age, people rely on their savings, part-time work, pension and financial assistance from family members to live.
Young people who have not enrolled in the pension system must do so for their own future and those of their family members. You can apply at the city hall or the Pension Service Office for the National Pension Fund and thru your employer for the Employees’ Pension Fund.


If you have paid contributions for more than 6 months but have to return to your home country, you can apply for the Lump-sum Withdrawal payment from overseas within 2 years from the date of departure from Japan. You need to file for a change of address at the city hall before leaving Japan.




For more information, please read [Pension] in the Lifestyle Guide section of our website.

April 2016 Takako Tomita